Common Questions: Company Admin Questions

Please read the suggestions below for answers to common questions.
  • One way you can use the employee filter is searching by last name. This will show you all course records for any employee matching your search.
  • Another method is by clicking the "Employee Activity" numbers. This is a quick way to see at a glance which employees have expired, are expiring soon, or have recently certified.
  • Finally, you can generate reports based on certification status, course, and company.
  • While viewing reports, you may edit employee records, disassociate employees from your company, and print certificates.
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  • Each unit represents 1 student completing 1 course
  • You need to purchase units for each course only if you as the company are paying for students to go through
  • The cost of a unit may vary based on the course
  • Units are used up when a student passes a course, NOT when they are registered
  • If you run out of units, students will be asked for payment themselves before they can begin training
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If you wish to have a custom signup page for your employees that has your company details and logo on it, you may choose to upload your logo under "Account Settings."

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You may locate any payments you have personally made under "My Account."  Invoices are also located under "My Account" for companies that use this option.

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This section is only used for companies that have one or more courses for which they require the blended (hands-on skill evaluation) course.

You can add outside skill evaluators and instructors if no staff member or employee of your company is qualified to perform the skill evaluations.

When students complete the online portion of a blended course, they will show up in this area to be marked complete.  Simply check the box next to the names of employees who have completed the evaluation, select the date completed, and mark the students complete.

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Under "Account Settings," you can manage your company by adding / editing contact information, address, custom signup page as well as add branches within your company.

You can also add new courses to your company or company branches.  Any course you add here will be visible on each employee's Training Dashboard, so be sure that you want every employee to take the course.

For each course you add, you can choose whether the company will be paying for employees upfront or whether each employee will pay separately.  You can also choose whether to require every employee to complete the blended (hands-on skill evaluation) portion where available.

If your company has more than 10 employees and you would like a better rate on any course, please contact us.

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